Creating Performing Organisation
Creating Performing Organisations

Challenges for Contemporary Indian Management

I. Micro Perspectives
Chapter 1
A Strategic Human Resource Model on
Creating Performing Organizations
-Biswajeet Pattanayak
Chapter 2
Organizational Citizenship Behavior:
A Proposed Hierarchical Model for
Performing Organizations
-Biswajeet Pattanayak
-Phalgu Niranjana

Chapter 3
Creating a Positive, Meaningful Work Climate:
A New Challenge for Management and
-Paul IE Wong

Chapter 4 
Motivational Strategies for a New Millennium: An Integrative Model of Transformational Leadership; Followership, Job Enrichment and Goal-setting
-j. Lee Whittington

Chapter 5
People Development for Organizational  Effectiveness-The Case of the Power  Sector in Orissa
-Padmalita Routray
-Kalyani Mahanty
-EK Mahanty

Chapter 6
Identity in Organizations and Organizational
-Neil Paulsen

Chapter 7
User Responses to Changes in Information Systems: An Analysis of Technology Acceptance Model
-David Ozag

Chapter 8
Self-efficacy in Organizations
-Sanjyot Pethe

Chapter 9
Executive Intelligence and Interpersonal Acumen: A Conceptual Framework
-Ram N. Aditya
-Ralph L. Rosnow

Chapter 10
Competency Assessment for Managing Impressions
-Biswajeet Pattanayak
-Phalgu Niranjana

Chapter 11
Learning to Empower People in Performing Organizations
-Biswajeet Pattanayak

II. Macro Perspectives
Chapter 12
Managing People in an International Context:
A Fragmented Field in Need of Focus -Mary Keating
-Karen Thompson

Chapter 13
Management Know-how Transfer to
Transitional Economy
-Mikhail Y." Gratchev
-Nikolai G. RogOPsky
-Maria A. Bobi~la

Chapter 14
Creating Performing Teams: Learned Optimism and Confucian Dynamism
-Upinder Dhar
-Santosh Dhar
-J. Rajasekar

Chapter 15
Learning Organizations: The New Imperative
for Corporate Success
-*nus Chatterjee

Chapter 16
The Emerging Strategic Role of Compensation
and Reward Systems in India
-Atul Mitra

Chapter 17
Managing the Performing Workforce in India:
Challenges and Legacies
-Vipin Gupta
-J. Rajasekar
-ES Srinivas

Chapter 18
Cultural Worldviews and their Foundations:
The Case of Southern Asia
-Vipin Gupta
-Gita Sum
-Jagdeep Chhokar

Chapter 19
The Typologies of Organizational Cultures:
A Review and Synthesis
-Vipin Gupta
-Kamala Arogyaswamy

Chapter 20
Creating Transcultural Performing
Organizations: The Role of Inter-firm
Social Capital
-Vipin Gupta
-Biswajeet Pattanayak

Chapter 21
A Dynamic Model of Technological
Capability: Comparative Analysis
of Japanese and German Cases
- Vipin Gupta

Chapter 22
A Dynamic Model of Organizational
Performing: Investigating the Impedi-
ments to Japanese Rejuvenation
-Vipin Gupta

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